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Pediatric Eye Exams in Mt Pleasant

Healthy eyes and clear vision are essential parts of a child’s physical development, success in learning,and emotional well-being.

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Vision Is Essential For Success In School

Experts estimate that as much as 80% of what a child learns in school relies on their vision. Poor vision can affect learning so much that undetected vision problems are often misdiagnosed as ADHD or learning disabilities.

These kinds of issues are so prevalent that, on average, one out of every ten children will have visual skill issues that are bad enough that it harms their ability to learn. These repeated failures and struggles can negatively impact their self-esteem and confidence levels, potentially leading to serious emotional difficulties as they grow older.

Don’t wait until your child is already in school and struggling to read, see the board, or play sports.

At Family Vision Care, we have the clinical knowledge and expertise to identify vision issues early on and intervene before the problems affect different areas of your children’s lives.

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School Vision Screenings vs. Comprehensive Eye Exams for Children

Don't fall into the trap of believing that just because your child has 20/20 visual acuity based on a school vision screening, they are good to go when it comes to vision they need to thrive in the classroom.

School vision screenings, while useful, are extremely limited. They can only measure whether your child can see properly from a distance of 20 feet, but aren't able to evaluate your child's mastery of essential visual skills, such as visual tracking, convergence/divergence and eye teaming. These skills are essential for successfully learning in the classroom, completing classwork and homework, and being successful in extracurricular activities.

School vision screenings are also not equipped to check for signs of eye disease that could compromise your child's vision as they grow up, leaving them with poor vision as teens and adults.

A comprehensive eye exam at our Mt Pleasant eye clinic, on the other hand, is equipped with the latest eye care technology for early diagnosis and treatment of visual skill deficiencies and eye diseases that school vision screenings will miss.

Make an appointment to have your child's vision fully evaluated today!

What is Assessed During a Pediatric Eye Exam?

The Family Vision Care optometrist will perform a thorough internal and external eye health evaluation. The optometrist will use specialized, age-appropriate instruments, testing procedures, and technologies that provide accurate results.

The pediatric eye exam evaluates the following:

  • Eye Focusing
  • Depth Perception
  • Color Perception
  • Eye Tracking
  • Eye Muscle Teaming
  • Peripheral Awareness
  • Near Visual Acuity
  • Distance Visual Acuity

How Often Should a Child Have an Eye Exam?

Your child should have their first eye exam around the time thet reach 6 months old. This ensures that their eyes and visual skills are developing properly as they first start out.

If their vision is fine at their 6-month check-up, they won't need to come in again until they're 3 years old, and then again at 5 years old.

From kindergarten onward, they should have an eye exam every year before the beginning of the school year to ensure that they don't need vision correction or treatment for conditions that may hinder their learning in school.

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Glasses for Kids

If our Mt Pleasant eye doctor fidns that your child needs glasses for vision correction, we can offer a wide variety of age-appropriate and safe options. We have many young patients at our practice, so we've become experts at finding their preferred styles, shapes, and colors. All our kids' frames take a cue from adult trends, but sport a fun and imaginative twist that appeals to kids.

To ensure your child likes wearing their glasses, we ensure that our frames are comfortable, durable, and made with kid-friendly materials. We have bright-colored frames to appeal to younger children, and the latest fashion trends and mature-looking designs for teens.

Do your kids play sports? Athletic eyewear for children can help protect their eyes from sports injuries.

At Family Vision Care, we have eyewear for every child and teen, no matter their features or preferences.

Contact Lenses for Teens

Have your child experience the freedom of contact lenses.

For children who dislike how they look in glasses, contact lenses could be the confidence booster they need.

Contact lenses enhance the natural color of the eye, for a more vibrant look. Your child will feel more confident and ready to take on the world!

They’ll also enjoy having the freedom of not worrying about losing or breaking glasses, and may participate in activities that they weren’t able to before.

Give your child the gift of clear and comfortable vision, and schedule their contact lens fitting with Family Vision Care today!

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Your Child Deserves the Best Eye Care

Your child's eyes are their window into the world around them. From infants and children, to tweens and teens, Family Vision Care will ensure that our young patients enjoy a life full of healthy eyes and vivid, colorful, comfortable and clear vision every day.

Make your child's vision a priority. Visit Family Vision Care for a routine comprehensive pediatric eye exam, or come to us with your concerns regarding your infant or toddler’s vision, and we’ll make sure to find the optimal solution for his or her visual problems. Let us bring great eye health and vision care to you and your family for many years to come.

Family Vision Care is dedicated to ensuring excellent vision and serves patients from in and around Mt Pleasant.

  • Your child's vision is one of the primary ways they interact with and learn about the world around them. Take a look at these common questions and answers to learn more about your child's eyes, and how we can help them see well for years to come.

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