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966 Houston Northcutt Blvd Suite D
Mount Pleasant, SC 29464
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Optometrists in Mt Pleasant

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Eye Exams - Contact Lenses - Vision Care in Mt Pleasant - Family Vision Care

Optometrist in Mt Pleasant

With an office in Mt Pleasant our staff at Family Vision Care have been providing Mt Pleasant with quality eye care for many years.

We thoroughly explain your eye health status and vision needs with an emphasis on preventative care, resulting in an enhanced quality of life. Our friendly staff is dedicated to providing this care in an atmosphere of compassion and respect. Our goal is to remain at the forefront of eye care through continuing education utilizing the latest state-of-the-art equipment, technology, contact lens, and eyewear products.

Call us to make an appointment with our optometric team to talk about your eye care needs, such as eye disease treatment and management, eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or specialty lenses. Drop-in anytime to browse through our large selection of designer eyeglass frames and sunglasses today!

Need An Eye Exam, Glasses, Sunglasses or Contact Lenses?

Family Vision Care offers an authentic shopping experience in our community and surrounding areas.

We have a large showroom of glasses and sunglasses for you to try on and select which set of frames works best for you!

With frames from many famous designers, an extensive array of materials is available, and all of our eyewear is durable and made to last. In addition to rimless frames, you can choose colorful plastics, stainless steel, titanium, and other premium metals.

To protect your eyes from harmful UV rays (and to look fantastic!), don’t forget to take a look at our display of stylish sunglasses.

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Pediatric eye care

Good vision is a central pillar of your child’s healthy development and education.

Poor eyesight or insufficient command of basic visual skills can cause your child to miss important developmental milestones and lose out on essential parts of their education in school.

At we can diagnose and treat vision issues to ensure that your child has the tools they need to thrive as they grow.

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Geriatric eye care

As you get older, your risk of developing potentially sight-threatening eye diseases and conditions grows. Many of these conditions show no signs or symptoms until they’ve already done significant damage to your eyes, causing sight loss and even blindness. Fortunately, our expert eye care team at has extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, so you can rest assured that we’ll help keep your vision clear and your eyes healthy for many years to come.

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Dry Eye

Dry eye syndrome can be a frustrating and uncomfortable experience that significantly reduces your quality of life.

Our eye care team has extensive experience in helping relieve symptoms associated with this condition.

We’ll diagnose the reason for your dry eye symptoms and recommend medications and treatments tailored to your specific needs, so that you can experience clear, comfortable vision in no time.

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